Antwerpse Kathedraalconcerten vzw


Op maandag 26 december 2016 speelt organist-titularis Peter Van de Velde om 20u een programma met werken voor de Kerstperiode op het Metlzer-orgel van de kathedraal. De opbrengst van dit concert gaat integraal naar het vluchtelingenproject “Humanitaire corridor”.

‘Humanitaire corridor’ is een project van de katholieke kerk en de andere erkende levensbeschouwingen in België om 150 Syrische vluchtelingen in Libanon op een legale manier naar België over te brengen.
De kerken en levensbeschouwingen staan in voor de veilige overtocht en de opvang en integratie gedurende het eerste jaar in België, als de overheid voor een humanitair visum zorgt.
Vluchtelingen die in aanmerking komen behoren tot de meest kwetsbare categorieën (alleenstaande vrouwen met kinderen, mensen die dringende medische zorg nodig hebben, …).
Deze luchtbrug zorgt voor een dubbele veiligheid: die van de vluchtelingen en die van het ontvangende land.
Op het programma staan werken van o.a. J.S. Bach, G.F. Händel, C. Franck en N. Hakim.

Kaarten aan 8 euro zijn in voorverkoop verkrijgbaar elke dag tussen 10 en 17u in de kathedraalshop of de avond zelf vanaf 19u30 aan de kassa.

Restauration of the Schyven organ

The romantic Schyven organ is presently undergoing major restauration. The proceedings can be followed via Facebook. For details, click on


Easter at the Cathedral

“Easter at the Cathedral” features a series of concerts and religious services which are being held during Holy Week and Easter Sunday. This event has been organised since 2012, under the auspices of Our Lady’s Cathedral in cooperation with “Choraelhuys vzw“ and the “Antwerp Cathedral Concert Association”.
The concert programme for 2015 will feature the following:

Monday 30th March 2015 at 8.15pm
"Stabat mater" by Scarlatti, sung by the choir “Musa Horti”, conductor Peter Dejans. Canon Bart Paepen, dean of the Cathedral Chapter, will hold an introduction in the chaplain sacristy.
Organisation: “Het Choraelhuys vzw”. Tickets: 15 euro (at entrance) / 13 euro (presale). Entrance via Groenplaats 21.
Info:, for presale tickets contact:

Wednesday 1st april 2015 at 8.15pm
Chamber music concert in the Sint-Antonius chapel, featuring "Die sieben letzten Worte unseres Erlösers am Kreuze" by Joseph Haydn, performed by the Antwerp Festival Quartet. Introduction by Canon Bart Paepen in the chaplain sacristy at 7.30pm. Tickets: 15 euro (at entrance) / 13 euro (presale). Entrance via Groenplaats 21. Organisation: Antwerp Cathedral Concert Association.
For further information please contact:, or tel: +32 (3) 213 99 51.
Advance bookings can be made by payment to bank account: BE46 3200 9177 8036 under the name of “Antwerpse kathedraalconcerten vzw.”

Monday 6th april 2015, at 4pm
Organ recital by Peter Van de Velde. Programme featuring works by Johann Sebastian Bach, played on the Metzler organ.
Tickets 10 euro (at entrance) / 8 euro (presale). Entrance via Handschoenmarkt.
Organisation: Antwerp Cathedral Concert Association.
For further information please contact:, or tel: +32 (3) 213 99 51.
We look forward to the pleasure of your company at one or more of our concerts.

53rd international organ festival - 2015

“Unheard of” is the remarkable theme chosen for the 53rd International Organ Festival – 2015. The reference implied in this theme is twofold: On one hand, featuring modern day works and compositions virtually unheard of to date, while also featuring unusual ‘unheard of’ combinations of musical instruments such as organ and piano, not quite the sort of combination that would occur to us at first sight. It is possible for a pipe organ to replace an entire symphony orchestra, and we can actually witness this in Sergei Rachmaninov’s 2nd pianoconcerto. But we will also present works which were originally composed for piano and organ, such as “Concerto for organ and piano” by Flor Peeters. We are including this work in the programme, intending to draw attention to a composition of local origin. Along with this we shall be able to hear Belgian creations of works by Estonian composers such as Uibo and Tüür. “Ricercar” is the theme of the programme by Johan Vexo. We will discover contrasts between Bach en Ligeti amongst others, featuring in selected compositions rarely heard on the modern day concert stage. During the lunch time recitals we will follow suit to an extent, with the Ave Maria by Wim Henderickx amongst other works. This does not imply that we shall be omitting the more classical organ repertoire. The combination of both styles will enable us to create an interesting contrast with a wide selection chosen from a modern day unfamiliar repertoire. In addition to this, we will continue to invite young organists to play in our series of lunch time recitals “Orgel na de Noen”. These are young students who have graduated from various Flemish conservatories. An overview of all concerts will be posted on this website at the end of the year.


New CD: 'Encounters' - violin and organ

Peter Van de Velde and Nadja Nevolovitsch jointly recorded  a CD with works for organ and violin. The recording features works originally composed for violin and organ, and also includes arrangements of compositions for keyboard or orchestral accompaniment. Learn more about the new CD by violinist Nadja Nevolovitsch and titular organist Peter Van de velde.